Pieces of Peace – Ebun Falade

This month’s post is more of a lesson than a story. I want to share with you all how the Lord has been challenging and strengthening my understanding of peace. And now I’m here to challenge you. Have you been clinging to the world's understanding of peace or to God’s? Let’s find out. Here are … Continue reading Pieces of Peace – Ebun Falade


Maintaining Wellness- Ebun Falade

I'm still learning to find the balance. God pulled so much out of me this past year. I think of all the times I may have broken down and wept and I can’t even count them. But none of those tears were in vain, and not all of them were full of sorrow. Despite it … Continue reading Maintaining Wellness- Ebun Falade

Maintaining Wellness

"Those who discover these words live, really live; body and soul, they’re bursting with health." Proverbs 4:22 MSG “It’s crazy how poor spiritual health can directly translate to poor physical and mental health.”   My sister in Christ told me this while we were having a conversation, but we both knew that this, in fact, … Continue reading Maintaining Wellness

Travel | New Territory, Same God – Joyinola Layonu

In 2013, I spent 10 months studying in Lyon, France. This year, I worked in Geneva, Switzerland for four months. The difference between the two trips? Jesus Christ. You see, in 2013, I didn’t know God let alone recognize His voice. My life had so many holes in it and I unintentionally sought to fill … Continue reading Travel | New Territory, Same God – Joyinola Layonu

Travel | New Territory, Same God – Jodi Iyamu

Studying abroad was a desire of mine before I even got accepted into a college. I knew that seeing the world was near and dear to my heart, so if the opportunity presented itself I was going to seize the moment. When I got accepted into Belmont University, I wasted no time attending every Study … Continue reading Travel | New Territory, Same God – Jodi Iyamu